The Book of Mormon

 The Book of Mormon

River City Magazine . April 1, 2019

The Book of Mormon is an irreverent and cheeky musical that may not exactly be for the faint of heart... But if you have an open mind and sense of humor, and appreciate great talent, check their tour website for available showings.

The musical is back by popular demand this week, presented by Broadway in Richmond . It was written by Robert Lopez, who co-wrote the much-loved-by-young-girls hit “Let it Go” for Disney's Frozen , as well as Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park. It has been critically acclaimed by The New York Times, Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and is a nine-time Tony Awards -winning Best Musical.

The touring cast, including Virginia Commonwealth University grad Josh Marin, is a vibrant crew depicting two Mormon missionaries who are sent to Uganda on a mission. My favorite actor was Conner Peirson, who plays the part of Elder Cunningham, a lovable Mormon misfit who presents the “Word” to his Ugandan audience in a colorful and very “supplemented” way in order to reach them. His antics and expression had me in tears! The talent of this entire cast was truly outstanding, and the show finished to a standing ovation from a packed house. Not bad for a Wednesday night!

*Please be informed that this show contains explicit language, and sexual and sacrilegious themes that may be offensive to some viewers.