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Review: Classic Bob Dylan Heats Up Audience in Petersburg

Boomer Magazine | November 21, 2019

Amber lights appeared in patches, and as vintage lights slowly illuminated the stage, the restless crowd in Virginia State University’s Multi-Purpose Center moved to its feet in anticipation. A shadowy figure in a black suit with a bolo tie on an open collar came into focus, and everyone knew – this is BOB DYLAN, folks. There are likely very few that have made it to adulthood without knowing the legend’s name and one of his songs, whether it’s a more obvious rock-and-roll classic such as “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” or the most recent cover, by Adele, of his ballad

Raising the (Sports) Bar on Game-Day Grub

River City Magazine | September / October 2019

NFL season kicks off Thursday, September 5. Where will you be, my famished football-fan friend? If you’re not down for inhaling frozen pizza rolls and microwaved “cheeze product” dip on the couch in between plays, you’re in luck, because several of RVA’s sports bars have taken their food game to the next level.

When Garland Taylor opened the first Home Team Grill location (11351 Nuckols Road) in 2004, it was a transition from the elevated fare of a fine-dining establishment.

Life After Dark

River City Magazine | September / October 2019

Sadly, the summer is over – although I doubt any of us are missing those triple-digit temps. School is back in session, but there are still great opportunities for entertainment! In this issue of Life After Dark, we’ll cover some of my picks for the best events in RVA for the Fall, before and after the sun goes down.

As children lament and parents rejoice that school is back in session, keep the learning going with Science

Raising the Bar: Local Breweries with Live Music

River City Magazine | July / August 2019

After a decade as a musician in Nashville, I returned to RVA in 2016 to find something blossoming that hadn’t previously existed - an amazing craft beer scene. In fact, Richmond topped the “World’s Top 10 Beer Destinations for 2018” list, published by VinePair, a web-based magazine dedicated to beer, wine and spirits. This trend has opened up a world of opportunity for local musicians, who frequently provide entertainment in many of the area’s tasting rooms.

Nature Connects: Art with LEGOs at Lewis Ginter

River City Magazine | July 9, 2019

I opened the car door in the parking lot of Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, and immediately regretted my decision. Why had I come to an outdoor spot in the middle of June, with temperatures soaring above 90 degrees? Nevertheless, I pushed through, and into the welcoming air-conditioned lobby. After getting tickets, I entered the Gardens, and was immediately greeted by the first display of the Garden’s current installation of Nature Connects®: Art with LEGO® Bricks – a giant praying mantis made out of over 42,000 LEGO pieces.

Life After Dark

River City Magazine | July / August 2019

Summer is officially here! In this issue of Life After Dark, we’ll talk about some of my picks for the best events in RVA, both before and after the sun go down.

Summer is for outdoors, and the place to be on a Thursday evening this summer is Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (1800 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond).

Berkeley Plantation: Where History Comes to Life

River City Magazine | May / June 2019

It is my own observation that these days, there is less of an emphasis placed on the importance of our history. Growing up in a household that wasn’t particularly wealthy, our family skipped the Disney and theme park trips, and instead took more affordable day trips to battlefields, museums, and civil war parks. As a child, that didn’t seem like the “cool” thing to do; as an adult, I more clearly understand the value of those experiences, and have an appreciation for history that I otherwise might not have.

Life After Dark

River City Magazine | May / June 2019

How can it be May already? And yet it is… which means that many will “celebrate” Cinco de Mayo. You know - the holiday where many Americans eat Mexican food, have a margarita, and wonder what Cinco de Mayo is actually about. Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is a holiday that celebrates Mexico’s victory over France in 1862. Oddly, although it isn’t considered a major holiday in Mexico, it has – much like St. Patrick’s Day – grown to be a holiday that many Americans celebrate, especially in areas with high Mexican-American populations.

Virginia is for Horse Lovers

River City Magazine | May 4, 2019

The feeling of Spring was strong today as I drove to the Meadow Farm Event Park – a half-hour drive almost entirely through bucolic countryside. A gentle breeze blew through lowered windows, a few geese touched down on a sparkling pond as if on cue, and the pastures were a mix of grazing horses and endless buttercups. It was as if I had a perfectly executed show opener for the Virginia Horse Festival.

Life After Dark

River City Magazine | March / April 2019

¿Dónde está la fiesta? The metro Richmond area is full of diverse options for entertainment. I have a special place in my heart for Latin culture, so I’m always on the lookout for venues that showcase Latin music, dance, food, and culture. Whether you’re looking to embrace your own Latin roots, or you want to explore the vibrant culture that Richmond has to offer, I’ll be showcasing some of those options… starting here!

Lights... Camera... Ashland Theatre!

Hanover Lifestyle, cover story | January / February 2019

If you are planning to spend a Saturday night in the town of Ashland, you may have dinner reservations with friends at the well-known Iron Horse Restaurant. Or you may be on a date night, taking in live music at the newly renovated Ashland Coffee and Tea, with plans for brews at Center of the Universe Brewing Company afterwards. But decades ago, the place to be was the Ashland Theatre. In fact, on weekend nights, the line for the 70-year-old theater wrapped around the corner by the old post office.