The Best Plants For Your Bathroom

Seniors Guide - 08/04/2021

If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom, greenery is a great route to take! Plants add comforting aesthetic and warm coloring to what can otherwise become an uninspired room of the house. But not all plants can survive in such an environment; so we’ve put together a list of some of the best plants for your bathroom – including the best plants for no-window rooms, and the best high humidity plants.

Make Them Thrive: The Best Plants for Your Bathroom’s Conditions

Different species of plants need varying levels of light and moisture, so consider the conditions of your bathroom. Is it a primary bathroom that is used daily, or a guest bathroom that rarely sees any action? Does it contain a tub or shower that get regular use (and thus generate steam), or a half-bath that gets used infrequently?

The frequency of bathing or showering will be the greatest determining factor for how much moisture is in the bathroom’s air. Does the bathroom have a window or windowsill on which you can set plants, or is there artificial light only?

The best bathroom plants may depend on your bathroom’s conditions.


Ferns are often found near creeks or wet outdoor areas. These moisture-loving plants – such as the Boston fern, Venus Maidenhair fern, or bird’s nest fern – love humidity, and could survive in the moist conditions of a family bathroom where a bathtub or shower frequently generates high humidity.

In fact, if you are able to install a hanging planter basket, you can hang a fern right in the shower. It will thrive well with a daily sprinkling! Ferns also frequently grow in low light conditions. Check with your particular species of fern for its light requirements, as they may vary.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are a popular, easy-to-grow houseplant. These plants grow upright, and depending on the species, can grow up to several feet tall. These plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight, so a windowsill is ideal, but not entirely necessary. Be careful not to overwater this plant, since its roots can rot. Bonus: this plant can help to purify the air!


The gorgeous blooms of the bromeliad are a colorful addition to any bathroom. Many species of this plant pull moisture from the air, rather than from the soil. For this reason, it’s one of the best indoor plants for your bathroom!

Their flashy blooms can be red, pink, or yellow. Do not put this tropical houseplant in hot or direct sun, as this will burn their foliage. Although the humidity works to water the plant, these plants also need air movement, which can be accomplished by running the bathroom’s exhaust fan while bathing or showering, and leaving it on for a couple of hours afterward.


These are a great option for a trailing plant, if you have a large area or long shelf you would like to fill. Keep an eye on the tips of the pothos leaves – if they turn brown, your plant isn’t getting enough moisture. Give them a little indirect sunlight, and they will be happy!


Prefer succulents? Keep an aloe plant in the bathroom for convenient access to its leaves when you have a sunburn or other minor burn. Although they prefer direct light, they will grow in indirect light – just may not flower.

Air plants

Air plants are some of the best plants for your bathroom – although, don’t be fooled! Air plants do need more than air to survive. Give them bright, indirect sunlight and be sure to “water” them every couple of weeks by submerging them in water for a few minutes. Their small size makes them perfect for perching in a windowsill – especially that of a shower – for the extra humidity.

Lucky Bamboo

Not much light in your bathroom? Lucky bamboo is a great option, and has that calming vibe. This super low-maintenance plant works well in low-light spaces, so try it out in a bathroom that does not get a lot of natural light. Be sure to water it when the soil feels dry.

It may take a bit of experimentation to figure out which plant is perfect for your exact combination of light and humidity, but with minimal effort, houseplants can truly be the best bathroom décor!

Kari Smith is a frequent contributor to Seniors Guide, helping to keep those in the senior industry informed and up-to-date. She's a Virginia native whose love of writing began as a songwriter recording her own music. In addition to teaching music and performing in the Richmond area, Kari also enjoys riding horses and farming.