Now What?

The long-term impact of prolonged COVID-19 infection — and what comes next

Richmond magazine | January 3, 2022

My name is Kari, and I’m a COVID-19 long-hauler. If that phrase means nothing to you, I can explain. It means that COVID-19 has affected my daily life drastically. It means that recovering from the disease sometimes feels like a part-time job. It means that questions about my health often have no good answers. And I am not alone.

COVID-19 has dominated household conversation, the news media and our lives in general since early 2020. According to the Virginia Department of Health, as of January 3, there have been more than 1.16

Quitting Smoking for Seniors: Is it Ever Too Late?

Senior's Guide | January 11, 2021

In the month of January, folks often resolve to begin something new, to break bad habits, or to make changes to better their life. The decision to stop smoking is a popular New Year’s resolution; but for some, it may feel like a lost cause – especially when it comes to quitting smoking for seniors.

So is it too late? The answer is unequivocally this: it is never too late to quit smoking. Studies show that there are immediate health benefits including decreased blood pressure and heart rate,

Little Bugs, Huge Problems

Boomer Magazine | April / May 2019

It’s a bit ironic – I’ll fearlessly jump on the back of a horse who towers far above me, despite past horse-related injuries. However, a tick – a creature smaller than my fingernail – sends me into a state of near-panic. It doesn’t seem to make sense, yet it does, knowing the absolute havoc these tiny arachnids can wreak.

Before you thank your lucky stars that you’re not a hunter, hiker or other person who would get bitten by a tick, consider this: if you garden, walk on grass, have a pet, spend any time outside – or spend time with someone who