Little Bugs, Huge Problems

Boomer Magazine | April / May 2019

It’s a bit ironic – I’ll fearlessly jump on the back of a horse who towers far above me, despite past horse-related injuries. However, a tick – a creature smaller than my fingernail – sends me into a state of near-panic. It doesn’t seem to make sense, yet it does, knowing the absolute havoc these tiny arachnids can wreak.

Before you thank your lucky stars that you’re not a hunter, hiker or other person who would get bitten by a tick, consider this: if you garden, walk on grass, have a pet, spend any time outside – or spend time with someone who

5 top elements to look for in a wheelchair:

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If you have ever shopped for a sofa, you probably spent time searching for a couch that fit your space, was sturdy, and above all, comfortable. It stands to reason, then, that you would put similar research into a wheelchair in which you spend a significant amount of time. Consider the following:

Weight - Not only may the chair have to be lifted in and out of a vehicle, but unless the chair is fully powered, you or someone else will frequently be propelling your full body weight forward, in addition to the weight of the chair, and sometimes on an incline.