cover photo by Jean Haynes

Hanbury Architects (ft. Nick Cooper)

 Perhaps “community” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of an architecture firm. But at the heart of Hanbury Architects, relationships, people, and volunteerism are as clearly in focus as is their commitment to design excellence.  

Horses in Hanover (ft. Alison Boyd of Wings of Hope Ranch)

Hanover Shopper | October 2020

 A trip to town through the rural back roads of western Hanover winds through miles of livestock fences and farms of all sizes. Tucked into those farms on Route 54 is Wings of Hope Ranch, where neglected horses are rescued and rehabilitated for use in providing a no-cost equestrian experience to children facing conflicts or challenges such as trauma, foster care, family crises, and other special needs.

RVA's Hidden Gem Revealed (ft. Jeff Ottaviano and Chad Hornik)

River City Magazine | September / October 2019

 A stately new venue has swept gracefully onto the Richmond event scene, and in the past year has become a highly sought-after destination for weddings, bed-and-breakfast guests, and corporate functions.

Picture an extravagant showcase of English Tudor craftsmanship on 55 rolling acres. Then, add a shocking 38,000

Roll with Cole and Charisma

River City Magazine | July / August 2019

Their love story is so classic that it could be a script for one of the romantic comedies they enjoy watching together.  She first noticed him as he worked out; he noticed her back, since she worked there. She followed him on Instagram; he followed her back. By the end of their first date in December 2017, she knew he was her guy. 

Ana Inés King

Hanover Lifestyle Magazine | November / December 2018

It’s a long way from her native Bucaramanga, Colombia – over 2,000 miles, in fact, but Ana Inés King seems to be the kind of free spirit who is comfortable anywhere she goes.  I met her at her beautiful, Victorian home nestled in the trees of Western Hanover, and within minutes, we were laughing and crying together like old friends.