Naturally Cool: Door County

Boomer Magazine | March / April 2020

If the words “visiting Wisconsin” conjure images of cheese and of Green Bay football fans milling about in Cheesehead hats, you’re in good company. The truth is, my trip to Door County – although dotted with the occasional cheese curd – was filled with outdoor adventure, fantastic food and drink, and an idyllic setting perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Small Town Virginia: The Luster of Lovingston

Hanover Lifestyle, River City Magazine, Chesterfield's Best | January / February 2019

It is thought that once the word gets out about a hidden gem, it loses its luster. However, it would be downright selfish to not share my most recent small-town Virginia find. So, with the passing of my moment of hesitation, I give you Lovingston, Virginia. Although my latest trip to Lovingston was on perhaps one of the coldest, wettest days of 2018, the winter weather advisory could do nothing to dampen the warmth that I experienced with each of the wonderful, down-to-earth people whose paths I crossed.

Small Town Virginia: The "New" Farmville

River City Magazine | March / April 2019

As a touring musician, self-proclaimed gypsy, and travel trailer-owning adventurer, I have seen my share of small towns, and made it my goal to explore as many areas within an hour or two of home as possible. Upon hearing of the town of Farmville, I racked my brain for any adventures that I may have had there. I couldn’t come up with much… In 2005, while singing in a band called Sin City Revival, I played a frat party at Hampden-Sydney College. This is the one and only trip I’ve ever made to Farmville, and I must admit, I didn’t exactly see the sights.

Checklist: A Weekend In Virginia Beach

River City Magazine | July 8, 2019

‘Tis summer! As a Richmond resident, chances are that Virginia Beach is on your list of vacation destinations. Even for those who visit other beaches for longer summer trips, Virginia Beach is a great weekend destination. Before heading east, it pays to do your homework.

Prior to hitting the road, consider your transportation options. If you don’t own a spacious vehicle, it may be