Berkeley Plantation: Where History Comes to Life

River City Magazine | May / June 2019

It is my own observation that these days, there is less of an emphasis placed on the importance of our history. Growing up in a household that wasn’t particularly wealthy, our family skipped the Disney and theme park trips, and instead took more affordable day trips to battlefields, museums, and civil war parks. As a child, that didn’t seem like the “cool” thing to do; as an adult, I more clearly understand the value of those experiences, and have an appreciation for history that I otherwise might not have.

Untarnished by the Times: Local family jewelers still serving Richmond

Boomer Magazine | June 2019

The presence of the internet and social media, along with changing demographics and trends, have all changed the way Richmond residents do business in the past fifty years. But despite the changes and challenges, several Richmond jewelers have managed to thrive, despite a changing retail landscape.

One notable example is Waller & Company Jewelers, which is regarded as one of the country’s premier African-American family-owned, full-service, retail jewelry businesses.