Blog 2012


This has been a busy month! I made a trip back to Nashville, which I felt was long overdue! It had been close to a year since I had been in Nashville, and it really felt great to be back. The end of a year of being in Virginia is drawing to a close, and I made this trip to help me determine how I'll move forward at the end of April when my lease here is up. I won't lie - it was definitely different being back in Nashville with a baby, and it was much more difficult to schedule and get things done, but it was SO good to be back... I loved getting to take my son and have him meet many of my Nashville friends, many of them who also have babies! I did also get to go downtown one night (first babysitting experience outside of Nana and Pops! auuugh!!! ;) and see my friends and pop my head in many of the clubs that I used to play in and frequent. It was a great experience and I'm so grateful to a friend for babysitting for me while I had a few hours to catch up.

Although my show schedule has been a little slow since giving birth, I do have tonight's show and a show on April 6 as well at JJ's Grille. Tonight's show is at McCook's Lakeside Grill from 8 - 11pm and I will be joined for a set by The Liaisons, fellow musician friends who are former Richmond residents who have moved out to L.A. They will be performing some songs from their new EP and I think you'll greatly enjoy them! I'm excited! Hope to see you there!